Monday, February 2, 2009

Internet Technologies - Detailed Syllabus

Internet Technologies is one of the subjects for semester 6 of bscit and following is the detailed syllabus for the subject :

1) Basic Networking :
i) Network Protocols :
a) TCP / IP (Transmission Control / Internet protocol)
b) ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)
c) RARP (Reverse Address Resolution Protocol)
d) RIP (Roulting Information Protocol)
e) OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) Protocol
f) BGP (Brodre Gateway Prptocol)

2) Introduction to Network Programming
i) Socket Programming (using TCP and UDP socket)
ii) RMI
a) Introduction to Distributed Computing with RMI
b) RMI Architecture
c) Naming remote Object
d) Using RMI : Interfaces, Implementations, Stub, Skeleton, host Server Client, Running RMI Systems
e) Parameters in RMI : Primitive, Object, Remote Object
f) RMI Client-side Callbacks
g) Distributing & Installing RMI Software

iii) Introduction to CORBA
a) What is CORBA?
b) CORBA Architecture
c) Comparison between RMI and CORBA

3) Introduction to Wireless LAN
i) How does WLAN work?
ii) WLAN setups (Ad-hoc, infracture LAN)
iii) Use of WLAN
iv) Benefits of WLAN
v) Restrictions and Problem with WLAN


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