Monday, February 2, 2009

Customer Relations Management (CRM) - Detailed Syllabus

Customer Relations Management (CRM) is one of the subjects for semester 6 of bscit and following is the detailed syllabus for the subject :

1) Introduction to CRM : what is a customer? How do we define CRM? CRM technology, CRM technology components, customer life style, customer interaction.

2) Introduction to eCRM : difference between CRM & eCRM, features of eCRM.

3) Sales Force Automation(SFA) : definition & need of SFA, barriers to successful SFA, SFA:funtionality, technological aspect of SFA: data synchronization, flexibility & performance, reporting tools.

4) Enterprise Marketing automation (EMA) : components of EMA, marketing camping, camping, planning & management, business analytic tools. ,EMA components ( promotions ,events , loyalty & retention programs), response management.

5) Call Centers Mean Customer Interaction : the functionality, technological implementation, what is ACD (automatic call distribution), IVR (interactive voice response), CTI (computer telephony integration), web enabling the call center, automated intelligent call routing, logging
& monitoring.

6) Implementing CRM : pre implemention, kick off meeting, requirements gathering, prototyping & detailed proposal generation, development of customization, Power User Beta Test & Data import, training, roll out & system hand off, ongoing support. system optimization, follow up.

7) Introduction to ASP (application service provider);who are ASP's?, their role & fuction, advantage & disadvantage of implementing ASP.


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