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Strategic IT Management - Detailed Syllabus

Strategic IT Management is one of the elective subjects for semester 6 of bscit and following is the detailed syllabus for the subject :

i) Changing Paradigm and Strategic Leaning

ii) Changing face of Strategic Thinking : Strategic Management Paradigm, Emergent strategy, Strategic flexibility.
(1) Readings : Getting off the Treadmill. & Exploring Framework of Strategic Flexibility & Managing for Strategic Flexibility.
Cases : The Global Computer Industry and APPLE.

iii) Changing Strategic Situation : paradoxes, complexity , chaos, turbulence, and uncertainty.
(1) Readings : Crafting Strategy in New Environment. & In search of New Strategy Paradigms- A Survey of Emerging Thoughts.
With Case study.

iv)Special models and tools of strategic management. Strategy making as a journey.
(1)Readings :Meta-strategy : The new s Strategic Management. & The challenge : Turning Turmoil into Customer Centered Growth.& The Journey of Strategy
Making. With Case study

v) Building Core Competence and Strategic Capability, Culture and stake-holder expectation.
(1) Readings : Competence based Strategic Management. Cases : Indian Cases on Core Competence.

vi) Globalization Strategy, Strategy of Transnational Corporations.
(1) Readings : Do you really have a global strategy? & Globol Strategy in a World of Nations.
(2) Presentations : Global Strategy of Select Corporations Industries.

vii) Strategy Evolution and Alliances.

viii) Strategic Intent and Architecture. With Case study
ix) Strategic, Alliances and Joint Ventures. Readings : The Global Logic of Strategic Alliances & Collaborate with Your Competitors and win Presentations :
Analysis of Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures.

x) Mergers and Acquisitions. Presentations : Analysis on mergers and Acquisitions.

xi) Screening Strategic Options. Cases : Swiss Air Alliances With Case study

xii) Comparative Strategies and Strategic profile of Indian Business Houses.
(1) Readings : Are Private Basic Telecom Projects Viable in India? Presentations : Entry in market from various Regions : US/Europe/Japan/SE ASIA.

xiii) Strategy Implementation and Change Management. Corporate Restructuring.
(1) Cases : ABB Operationalizing Strategy : Policies, Budgets, Support Systems, and Rewards.
(2) Cases : ALIP : Entering Indian Market. Issues of culture and leadership in strategy implementation, Corporate Governance. With Case study

xiv) Managing Strategic Change and Transformation.

xv) Functional Strategies/Tactics : Marketing, Finance, HR, R&D.


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