Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Project Management - Detailed Syllabus

Project Management is one of the subjects for semester 6 of bscit and following is the detailed syllabus for the subject :

i) Project & Project management. The project, Project Management, Types of project, Contractual Arrangements.
(1) Readings :
Basic Project Management. There are Four Types. & Making Project Management Work.

ii) The Nature of Project Management, Management principle, Some Factors in Project Management, The Project Manager. Factors for Project Success and Failure.
(1) Readings :
The New Managerial work & Where does Project Cost Really Go Wrong? What it takes to be A Good Project Manager

iii) Organizational Strucctures, The Project Organization, The Functional Organization, The Matrix organization, Designing an Organization, Building the Team, Leadership.
(1) Readings :
Selection of the Team. & Matrix management : Contradiction and Insights.

iv) Project Administration : Project Authority & Project Control, Principles of Project Administration., TQM.
(1) Readings :
Skunk Works - Management Style - It's No Secret. & Executive Focus on Quality

v) Defining and Financing the Project. How Project Evolve - the Client Brief., Financing the Project. Sources of Finance and Cash Flow
(1) Readings :
(a) Structural Scale Models : Beyond The Computer. Clear Project Definition is Crucial. Construction Cost estimating in the Design Process. Meeting the Infrastructure Challenge.
(b) Three Perceptions of Project Cost - Cost Is More than A Four-Letter World.

vi) Feasibility Studies and Approvals, Conducting a feasibility Study, the regulations controlling projects, decision making, economic analysis.
(1) Readings :
(a) Project management and enviornmental issues.
(b) Obstacles encountered by a new industrial development.
(c) enviornmental planning and engineering decisions.
(d) intellectual sources of the ideas of "acceptable risk" in public policy.
(e) Speaking of risk. Humble decision making. Finding a way to measure technology's benefits. Justification Techniques for advanced manufacturing Technologies.


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