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Total Supply Chain Management (TSCM) - Detailed Syllabus

Total Supply Chain Management is one of the elective subjects for semester 6 of bscit and following is the detailed syllabus for the subject :

1) Introduction to supply chain management :
Do we have the best suppliers?
Are we getting and sending materials as quickly as possible?
Can the voices of our customers be heared in our processes?
Are the customers satisfied with our products?

2) Creating outcome-driven tasks and processes
Retooling the structure and business strategy of the organization
Setting up effective people/responsibility charts
Incoporating technology for maximum benefit
Creating performance - based rewards
Measuring Results

3) Materials management, Scope importance, Classification of materials, procurement, purchasing policies, vendor development and evaluation,
inventory control systems of stock replenishment, cost elements, EOQ and its derivative models.
Use of computers for materials function.

4) Logistics and Competitive Strategy, System view of logistics-Coordination and management of transportation, inventory order processing, purchasing ware housing
materials handling, packaging and customer service standards.

5) Supply chain Management, Distribution network design, channels of distribution, plant and ware house location.

6) Transportation Systems-Individual Freight and passenger modes, inter model transportation and third party transportation services, economic social,
and political roles of transportation, demand, cost and service characteristics of different transportation services, carrier selection and evaluation methods,
contracting for transportation services, freight rate structure, private fleet management, Claim management,
international transportation, Ocean carrier management, port administration and regulation, costing and pricing issues of international transportation,
logistics, cost transport mode choice, Dispatch, Decisions, routing decisions, routing models, packaging to suit mode of transport.

7) total distribution Cost analaysis

8) logictic information system


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