Friday, January 2, 2009

Introduction To Information Technology (IIT) - Detailed Syllabus.

i) Information - Definition, Characteristics & Interpretation, Data & its logical &physical concepts.
ii) Computers: History of Computers and their classification,
Basic Organization,Memory: - Primary RAM, ROM, EPROM etc.
Secondary: - Magnetic-Floppy andHard disks.
Optical: - CDROM, WORM etc.
Concept of Virtual Memory and CacheMemory and why are the needed.
iii) Computer Operation:- Instruction Cycle, Programflow of control with and without interrupts, Computer Arithmetic:- Number systemsbinary, Octal, Hexadecimal, Binary Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication, Flotationpoint representation and arithmetic, Arithmetic through stacks.
Computer Language:Introduction to computer language, Definition of assembler Compiler and Interpreter,Basic concept of Data Base Management Systems.
iv) Communication:- Concept of Analog and Digital Signal , Channel Capacity(Shannons Theorem), Transmission Impairments (Attenuation, Dispersion, etc),
Concept of Signal to Noise ratio, Encoding/ Decoding (Concept of Parity bit,Hamming Code), Transmission Media (Twisted Pair, Coaxial Cables, Micro Wave ,Optical Fiber and Satellite), A/D and D/A conversion, Definition and Concept ofModulation, Communication technique- circuit switching, message switching andpacket switching - their advantages and disadvantages.
v) Networks: Type of Networks (LAN, MAN, WAN, etc), Network configuration: BasicISO - OSI, Protocols: - What is Protocol?, Why it is needed? ,Token ring, Internet :-Introduction to Internet terminologies and concept of WWW, HTTP, e-mail, GIAS,Search engine, Domain name etc.


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