Monday, January 12, 2009

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) - Detailed Syllabus

Object Oriented Programming is one of the subjects for Semester 3 of B.Sc.-IT and following is the detailed syllabus for the subject :

Modularity : Approaches to reusability
Towards object technology
Abstract data types
Object-oriented techniques
The static structure: classes
The run-time structure: objects
Memory management
Design by Contract: Building reliable software
When the contract is broken: exception handling
Supporting mechanisms
Introduction to inheritance
Multiple inheritance
Inheritance techniques
Global objects and constants
Object-oriented methodology: applying the method well
On methodology
Design pattern: multi-panel interactive systems
Inheritance case study: "undo" in an interactive system
How to find the classes
Principles of class design
Using inheritance well
Useful techniques
A sense of style.
Object-oriented analysis
The software construction process
Concurrency, distribution, client-server and the Internet
Object persistence and databases


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