Saturday, January 3, 2009

Computer Graphics (CG) - Detailed Syllabus

Computer Graphics is one of the subject for Semester 3 of B.Sc.-IT and following is the detailed syllabus for the subject :

Graphics :
(a) Introduction, What is computer graphics? Elements of graphics workstation,Video Display Devices- Raster Scan Systems, Random Scan Systems, InputDevices, Graphics Software Coordinate Representations, Fundamental problems inGeometry
(b) Algorithms: Line drawing algorithms- DDA Algorithm, Bresenham's LineAlgorithm, Frame Buffers, Circle and ellipse generating algorithms- Midpoint CircleAlgorithm, Midpoint Ellipse Algorithm, Polynomials and spline curves, Filling- FilledArea Primitives, Scan-Line Polygon Fill Algorithm, Inside-Outside Tests, Scan-LineFill of Curved Boundary Areas, Boundary-Fill Algorithm, Flood-Fill Algorithm,Character Generation, Attributes of lines, curves, filling, characters etc.
(c) Graphics Primitives, Primitive Operations, The Display-File Interpreter-Normalized Device Coordinates, Display-File StructureDisplay-File Algorithms, Display Control, Polygons- Polygon Representation.
(d) Attributes of Output Primitives, Line Attributes- Line Type, Line Width, Pen andBrush Options, Line Color, Color and Grayscale levels- Color Tables, Grayscale,Area-Fill Attributes- Fill Styles, Pattern Fill, Soft Fill, Character Attributes, TextAttributes.
(e) Geometric Transformations: Matrices, Scaling Transformations- Sin and CosRotation, Homogeneous Coordinates and Translation, Coordinate Translations,Rotation about an arbitrary point, Inverse Transformations, Transformation Routines.
(f) Two-Dimensional Viewing, The viewing pipeline, Viewing Coordinate ReferenceFrame, Window-to-viewport Coordinate Transformation, Two-Dimensional ViewingFunctions, Clipping Operations- Point Clipping, Line Clipping, Cohen-SutherlandLine Clipping, Polygon Clipping, Sutherland-Hodgeman Polygon Clipping.
(g) Three-Dimensional Concepts: Three-Dimensional Display Methods- Parallel.Projection, Perspective Projection, Visible Line and surface Identification, SurfaceRendering, Three-Dimensional Object Representations- Bezier Curves and surfaces,B-Spline Curves and surfaces(h) Visibility, Image and object precision, Z-buffer algorithm, Floating horizons.
(i) Computer Animations, Design of Animation Sequences, General ComputerAnimation Functions- Raster Animations, Key-Frame Systems, Morphing, SimulatingAccelerations, Motion Specifications, Kinematics and Dynamics.


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