Monday, January 5, 2009

Designing and Analysis of Algorithms (DAA) - Detailed Syllabus

Introduction and analysis of algorithms, Elementary data Structures.
Arrays, Linkedlist, Stacks and Queues, Trees, Heaps and Heapsorts, Set and disjoint set union,Graphs, Hashing.
Divide And Conquer General method, Binary search, Finding themaximum and minimum, Merge sort, Quick sort, Selection sort, Strassens matrixmultiplication.
The Greedy Method, General method, Optimal storage on tapes, Knapsack problem, Job sequencing with deadlines, Optimal merge patterns, Minimumspanning trees, Single source shortage path.
Basic Search And TraversalTechniques The techniques of code optimization, AND/OR graphs, Game trees, Biconnectedcomponents and depth-first search.
Breadth Search, Back TrackingGeneral method of 8-queens problem, Sum of subsets, Graph coloring, Hamiltoncycles, Knapsack problem


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