Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mathematics 2 - Detailed Syllabus

Mathematics 2 is one of the subjects for Semester 2 of B.Sc. - IT and following is the detailed syllabus for the subject :

Complex Numbers : Cartesian, Polar & Exponential form,
De-Moiver's theorem,
Vector Algebra and Vector Differentiation : Product of three or more vector,Gradient, divergence & applications,
Integral Calculus : Double Integral., Triple Integral Differentiation under integral sign.
Error functions, Beta and Gammafunctions, Properties and duplication formula.
Fourier Series,Orthogonal functions.
Fourier series of even and odd functions.
Laplace Transform of all standard functions, Periodic function, inverse laplace transform, application of laplace transform, Complex Variables : Cauchy Riemann Equations,
Mapping : Conformal Mapping & bilinear mapping, Concept of lineintegral, Riemann integral, Singularities : Poles, Evaluation of residues, Residue theorem


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