Thursday, January 15, 2009

Database Management Systems (DBMS) - Detailed Syllabus

Database Management Systems is one of the subjects for Semester 4 of B.Sc.-IT and following is the detailed syllabus for the subject :

Introduction- Purpose of Database Systems, Views of data, Data Models, Database
language, Transaction Management, Storage Management, Database Administrator,
Database Users, Overall System Structure, Different types of Database Systems
E-R Model: Basic Concepts, Design Issues, Mapping Constraints, Keys, E-R
Diagram, Weak Entity set, Extended E-R features, Design Of an E-R Database
Schema, Reduction of an E-R schema to Tables

Relational Model: Structure of Relational Database, The Relational Algebra, The
tuple relational calculus, The Domain Relational Calculus, Views
SQL- Background, Basic Structure, SET operations, Aggregate functions, Null
Values, Nested Sub queries, Derived Relations, Views, Modification of Database,
Joined Relations, DDL, Other SQL features

Transaction- Transaction Concepts, State, Implementations of Atomicity and
durability, Concurrent Executions, Serializability, Recoverability, Transaction
Definition in SQL.

Concurrency Control- Lock based protocol, Timestamp based protocol, Validation
based protocol, Multiple Granularity, Multi version Schemes, Deadlock Handing,
Insert and Delete operations, Concurrency in index structure
Query Optimization.

Relational Database Design- Pitfalls in Relational-Database Design, Decomposition,
Normalization Using Functional Dependencies, and Normalization Using Multi valued
Dependencies, Normalization Using Join Dependencies, Domain-Key Normal Form
and Alternative Approaches to Database Design
Other Relevant Advance Topics and Applications- Object Oriented Database,
Decision-Support Systems, Data Analysis, Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Spatial
and Geographic Databases, Multimedia Databases, Mobility and Personal
Databases, Information-Retrieval Systems, Distributed Information Systems, The
World Wide Web
ORACLE 8.0 Database: SQL, PL/SQL, Developer 2000(Oracle Forms and Reports).


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