Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Advanced Java - Detailed Syllabus

Advanced Java is one of the Elective subjects for Semester 5 of and following is the detailed syllabus for the subject :

1) Introduction to SwingJapplet, Icons and Labels, Text Fields, Buttons, Jbutton Class, Check Box, Radio Buttons, The Container, Panel, Windows,and Frame Classes, Combo Box, Tabbed Panes, Scroll Panes, Trees, Tables, Custom Rendering of Jlist Cells.

i) JDBC Fundamentals
ii) Establishing Connectivity and working with connection interface
iii) Working with statements
iv) Creating and Executing SQL statements
v) Working with Result Set Object & Result Set Meta Data

3) Servlets
i) Introduction to Servlets (Life cycle of servlets, Java Servlets Development Kit, creating, Compiling and running servlet)
ii) The servlet API : javax.servlet package
iii) Reading the servlet Parameters, Reading Initialization parameter
iv) The javax.servlet.http.Package
v) Handling HTTP Request and Response (GET / POST Request) vi) Using Cookies, Session Tracking

4) introduction To Java Beans
i) What is Java Bean?, Advantage
ii) Installing / Starting / Using BDK ( Bean Development Kit)
iii) JAR Files
iv) Using the Java Beans API

5) JSP
i) Advantage of JSP technology (Comparision with ASP / Servlet)
ii) JSP Architecture, JSP Access Model
iii) JSP Syntax Basic (Directions, Declarations, Expression, Scriplets, Comments)
iv) JSP Implicit Object, Object Scope
v) Synchronization Issue
vi) Exception Handling
vii) Session Management


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