Wednesday, December 24, 2008

B.Sc. IT Semester 2 subjects and books

Following are the subjects and reference books for Semester II of B.Sc. - IT of Mumbai University

1.) Computer Graphics
Reference Books :
- Computer Graphics, Donald Hearn & M. Pauline Baker, Prientice Hall of India.
- Computer Graphics by Hill JrComputer Graphics, Steven Harrington, McGraw-Hill.
- Computer Graphics Principles and Practice, J.D. Foley, A. Van Dam, S.K. Feiner &R.L. Phillips, Addision Wesley.
- Principles of Interactive Computer Graphics, Willaim M. Newman, Robert F. Sproull,McGraw-Hill.
- Introduction to Computer Graphics, J.D. Foley, A. Van Dam, S.K. Feiner, J.F.Hughes & R.L. Phillips, Addision WesleyComputer Graphics by Rogers.

2.) Design Analysis and Algorithms
Reference Books :
- Knuth 'Fundamentals of Algorithms (Narosa Publication)CMA by TanenbaumKruse,Leung,Tondo.
- Data structures and Program Design in C, Prentice Hall, 1991.
- Writh, Algorithms + Data Structures = Programmes, Prentice HallAho,Hopcroft, Ullman.
- Data Structures and Algorithms, Addison-Wesley.Horowitz, Sahni, Fundamentals of Data Structures, Computer Science Press.
- Fundamentals of Computer Algorithms, EllisIntroduction to algorithms, Thomas Corman, R Ronald, PHI .
- How to solve by Computers, R. G. Bromei, PHIMastering Algorithms with C, Kyle Loudon, OReillyDigital Logic, John M Yarbrough, Brooks/cole, Thompson Learning.

3.) Mathematics II
Reference Books :
- P. N. Wartikar & J. N. Wartikar, Elements of Applied Mathematics, 7th, PuneVidyarthi Graha,1988.B. S. Grewal.
- Higher Engineering MathematicsShanti Narayan.
- Differential Calculus, Shamalal Charitable Trust, 1997.Murray Spiegal, Vector Analysis, McGraw Hill, 1974Schaum Series.
- Vector Analysis, Spigel.
- Advanced Engineering Mathematics with matlab, Thomas L Harman, James DabneyNorman Richert Brooks/cole, Thompson Learning.

4.) Professional Skill Development
Reference Books :
- Communications in Organizations, Dalmar Fisher, Jaico Publishing House.
- Effective Business Communications, Herta A. Murphy, Herbert W. Hildebrandt &Jane P. Thomas, McGraw Hill.
- Report Writing for Business, Lesikar, Raymond, Richard D. Irwin.
- Inc.Business Communication: Strategies and Solutions, John W. Baird & James B. Stull,McGraw Hill.
- Tough Choices- Managers Talk Ethics, Toffler, Allied Publishers Pvt. Ltd.Lateral Thinking, Edward De Bono, Penguin Books.
5.) Electronics And Telecommunication systems
References Books
- Allen Mottershead, Electronic Devices and Circuits, PHIBoylstead and Neshelesky.
- Electronics Devices and Circuits, 4th , PHI, 1999.Simon Haykin.
- An Introduction to Analog and Digital communications, John Wileyand Sons, 1994.R.B Carlson.
- Communication Systems, MacGraw Hill.George Kennedy.
- Electrical Communication systems, Tata McGraw Hill 1993.Roody Collin.
- Electronics Communication, PHIJ. Millman and A Grabel, Microelectronics MacGraw Hill 1988.Proakis J. J.
- Digital Communications Mc Graw Hill.Digital Communications by TAUB Schilling.
-Electronic Communication Systems, Roy Blake Delmar, Thompson LearningIntroduction To telecommunications, Anu A Gokhale, Delmar Thompson Learning.


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