Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Digital Computer Fundamentals (DCF) - Detail Syllabus

Introduction to 8085 microprocessor: - Organization of Microprocessor basedsystem, 8085 µp Architecture, Concept of Address line and Memory interfacing,Address Decoding and Memory Interfacing, 8085 Programming Model, Instruction Classification, Instruction Format, Stack and Subroutines, Developing Basic 8085programs.
Introduction Modern day Computer Systems: - Organization and Architecture,Structure and function.
System Buses: - Computer Components, Computer function.
PCI: - Features of PCIbus, Why PCI bus is needed? Concept of PCI Arbitration.
Internal Memory: - Concept of Cache Memory, Methods of Cache Mapping, Conceptand need for Cache coherency.
External Memory: - RAID.Input / Output - I/O Modules (What are I/O modules? Why do we require them? Etc.),Concept of Programmed I/O, Concept of Interrupt Driver I/O, DMA.
Operating System Support:- Basic Concepts, Batch, Multiprogramming and Time-Sharing, scheduling , Scheduling, Memory Management.
CPU Organization - Register Organization (Classification of registers), Instruction Cycle, Instruction Pipelining.
Concept of Parallel processing: - Multiprocessing: - Organization, Time-Shared Bus,Multiport memory, Central Control unit, Multi processors.


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