Thursday, December 25, 2008

B.Sc. IT Semester 3 subjects and books

Following are the subjects and Reference Books for BSc-IT ( Mumbai University ) Second Year - Semester III :

1.) Computational Mathematics
Reference Books :
- S. S. Sastry, Introductory Methods of Numerical Analysis PHIV.
- Rajaraman, Computer Oriented Numerical Methods, PHIMathews.
- Numerical Methods for Scientist & Engineers? PHITaha, Operations Research PHIBalguruswami.
- Numerical Methods TMH.
- Numerical Anaysis Richard L Burden, J Douglas Faires, Brooks/cole, Thompson.
- Learning Numerical Methods for Engineers with programming and Software Applications, Steven C.Chapra, Raymond P. Canale, McGraw Hill International.
- Applied Numerical Methods For Engineers, Using Matlab and C Robert J SchillingSandra L Harris Brooks/cole, Thompson LearningR. M. Baphana.
- Numerical Methods Technova Publication.

2.) Computer Networks
Reference Books :

- Data and Computer Communication, PHI,Douglas E. Comer.
- Computer Networks and Internets 2nd ed, Addison Wesley,1999Bertseakas and Galleger.
- Data Networks PHIScwartz, Telecommunication Networks Addison.
- Computer Networks, Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Prentice Hall of India.
- Understanding Data Communications and Networks, William A Shay, brooks/coleThompson.
- Learning Distributed Operating Systems, P.K. Sinha, IEEE PressDistributed Operating Systems, Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Prentice Hall of India.

3.) Logic, Discrete Mathematical Structures
Reference Books :

- Discrete structures by B Kolman RC Busby, S Ross PHI Pvt. Ltd.
- Discrete structures by Liu.
- Digital Logic John M Yarbrough Brooks/cole, Thompson.
- Learning Discrete Mathematics and its Applications Kenneth H. Rosen TMG.
- Discrete Mathematics for computer scientists and Mathematicians, Joe L.Mott,Abraham Kandel Theodore P. Baker, Prentice-Hall of India pvt ltd.
- Discrete Mathematics With Applications, Susanna S. Epp, Books/Cole PublishingCompany.
- Discrete Mathematilcs, Schaum's Outlines Series, Seymour Lipschutz, Marc Lipson,TMG.

4.) Object Oriented Programming
Reference Books :
- OOP by Timothy Budd, TMG.
- OOP by Bahrami.
- Object Oriented programmimg using C++, E. Balaguruswamy, TMG.
- Object oriented Programming in C++, Nabajyoti Barkakati, Prentice-Hall of India pvt ltd.
- Object Oriented Programming Using C++, Joyce Farrell, Course TechnologyThompson.
- Learning Object oriented Modeling and design by James Rumbaugh, Prentice Hall Int.
- Object oriented Analysis and Design by G. Booch.

5.) Systems Programming
Reference Books :
- Working with Unix Vijay Mukhi , BPB Publications.
- UNIX The Complete Book, A guide for professional Users, Galgotia.
- Understanding Unix ? A conceptual Guide, R.Groff & P.N. Weinberg,BPB.
- The UNIX Programming environment , Pike rob & Kerningham Brain W, PrenticeHall.
- UNIX training guide by Clifford Mould, Wheeler publications.
- Operating Systems, William Stallings, Prentice-Hall of India pvt ltd.
- Operating Systems Concepts and Design Milan Milenkovic, TMG.
- Operating Systems Design and Implementation, Andrew S Tanenbaum, Albert SWoodhull, Prentice-Hall of India pvt ltd.
- Operating Systems with case studies in UNIX NETWARE, WINDOWS NT Achyut SGodbole, TMG.


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