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BSc - IT Semester 6 Subjects and Books

Following are the Subjects and Reference Books for B.Sc. IT ( Mumbai University ) Third Year - Semester VI :

1)C# (pronounced as C Sharp)
References Books :
(i) Programming in C# by E. Balagurusamy TMH
(ii) C# a beginner.s guide by Herbert Schildt TMH

2) Internet Technologies

Reference Books :

RFC 1010 - ARP
RFC 1058 - RIP
RFC 1131 - OSPF
RFC 1105 - BGP

3) CRM (Customer Relationship Management )
Reference Books :

1.CRM at the speed of light by Paul Greenberg,TMH.
2. Customer R elations Management by Kristin Anderson & Carol Kerr. TMH.

4) Elective III (Select one of following subjects)
i) Strategic IT Management
Reference Books:

(a) Strategic Management: Formulation, Implementation and Control, Pearce II,J.A.

and Robinson R.B., Irwin

(b) Strategic Management and Business Policy: Entering 21st Century Global

Society, Whellen T.L. and Hunger J.D., Addison-Wesley

(c) The Paradox Principles: How High Performance Companies Manage Choas,

Complexity and Contradiction to Achieve Superior Results, The Price Waterhouse

Change Integration Team, Irwin.

(d) Competing for the Future, Hamel G. & Prahalad C.K., Harvard Business School


(e) Mergers, Restructuring, and Corporate Control, Weston J.F., Chung K.S. and

Hoaf S.E., Prentice Hall of India

(f) Cases in Strategic in Strategic Management, Budhiraja S.B. and Athreya M.B.,

Tata McGraw Hill

ii )Total supply chain Management
References Books :

Materials Managemet and purchasing, Ammer DS Taraporewala

Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Martin Christopher, Richard Irwin

iii) Project management
Reference Books :

Project Management, Meridth & Mantel, McGraw Hill

Project Management - Principles and Practices, M. Pete Spinner, Prentice Hall

Essentials of Project management by Dick Billows

Projects: Planning Analysis, Selection , Implementation and Review by Chandra,

Prasanna , TMH publication

iv) IT Laws and Patents
Reference Books :

How To Register Your Own Copyright by Marx Warda, Sphinx Publishing

Licensing Art & Design by Caryn R. Leland, Allworth Press

A Professional's Guide to Licensing and Royalty Agreements by Caryn R. Leland

Allworth Press

IT2000 Bill

5) Project


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