Tuesday, December 23, 2008

BSc-IT Semester 1 Subjects and Books

Following are the subjects for BSc-IT (Mumbai University) First year - Semester I:

1.) Digital Computer Fundamentals
Reference Books :
- William Stallings, Computer Organisation and Architecture ( 4th Edition ) - PHI,1998.
- Andrew C. Tanenbaum, Structured Computer Organisation (3rd Edition) - PHI.
- Computer System Architecture - M. Morris Memo, PHI, 1998.
- John P Hayes, Computer Architecture and Organisation - McGraw Hill, 1998.
- Digital Computer Fundamentals, Malvino.
- Microprocessor Architecture and Programming and Applications with the 8085, R.S.Gaonkar, PRI (3rd Edition).
- Digital Computer Fundamentals, Thomas C Bartee, TMG

2.) Digital Electronics
Reference Books :
- Fundamentals Digital electronics by RP Jain.
- TMGDigital electronics by Derek Molly.
- PHIDigital Electronics, An Introduction to Theory and Practice William H. Gothmann,
Prentice-Hall of India pvt ltd.

3.) Information Theory and Applications

4.) Introduction to C Programming
Reference Books :
- Programming in C by Schuam out line series.
- Let us C by Yaswant Kanetkar.
- BPB Practical C programming, OReillyAlgorithms with C O, ReillyA structured Programing approach using C, Behrouz Forouzan.
- Thomas learningMastering Algoritms with C Kyle Loudon, Shroff Publishers.
- Practical C Programming, Steve Oualline, Shroff Publishers.

5.) Mathematics I
Reference Books :
- P. N. Wartikar & J. N. Wartikar, Elements of Applied Mathematics, 7th, PuneVidyarthi Graha,1988.
- B. S. Grewal, Higher Engineering Mathematics.
- Shanti Narayan, Differential Calculus, Shamalal Charitable Trust, 1997.
- Murray Spiegal, Vector Analysis, McGraw Hill, 1974.


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