Saturday, December 27, 2008

B.Sc.IT Semester 5 Subjects and Books.

Following are the Subjects and Reference Books for B.Sc. IT ( Mumbai University ) Third Year - Semester V:

1.) Internet security
Reference Books :
- Firewalls and Internet Security: Repelling the Wily Hacker , Second Edition Addison Wessly

2.) Visual Basic 6
Reference Books :
- Programming in VB 6 by Julia case Bradley , Anita C. Millspaugh, TMH.
- Visual Basic 6.0 Programming by Content Development Group, TMH.
- The Complete Reference Visual Basic 6 by Noel Jerke , TMH.

3.) SQL 2
Reference Books :
- The complete reference SQL by James R. Groff & Paul N. Weinberg TMG.
- SQL a complete reference by Alexis Leon & Mathews Leon TMG.

4.) Elective I (Select one of the following)
a.) Multimedia
b.) Embedded Systems and Programming
c.) Web Design and Internet based applications
d.) Advanced Java

5.) Elective II (Select one of the following)
a.) ERP Systems (Enterprise Resource Planning)
b.) GIS (Geographic Information System)
c.) Management information Systems
d.) BPR (Business Process Re-engineering)


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